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Autos - The SmartNote biweekly debiting program provides the discipline and consistency to produce significant benefits for our customers.


Auto Loan Example Conventional SmartNote Program Smart & Safe
Your electronically debited funds are transferred under the strict regulations of the Federal Reserve and deposited into a federally-insured escrow account. This account is maintained solely for the purpose of making SmartNote customer payments.
Loan Amount $40,000 $40,000
Payment $792 monthly $396 biweekly
Term 60 months Estimated payoff 55 months
Estimated Accelerated Payoff 0 Months 5 Months
Estimated Accelerated Equity in 3 ½ years $0.00 $2,379.84

*Estimate based on 7% interest rate and is calculated after the enrollment fee has been satisfied. Bank convenience fee not included.

For the smart way to pay your loan, rely on SmartNote.

Similar programs have been offered on mortgages for years. Now its time for the Auto Industry. SmartNote was the first to offer biweekly debiting for auto loan customers. With no extra effort you can accelerate the payoff of your loan, accelerate equity, and in most instances reduce interest paid.

SmartNote biweekly debiting program benefit:

  • Accelerated equity
  • Accelerated payoff
  • Reduced interest paid on your loan
  • Cut full payments into affordable ½ debits
  • No need to refinance since you maintain your current lender and your current loan term
  • No hassle, convenient debiting and payment solution to fit your needs
  • ALL payments are tracked to guarantee receipt by your lender
  • SmartNote becomes your personal ADVOCATE throughout the life of your loan and in all situations with the lender, providing investigation initiation and a speedy resolution
  • Unsurpassed service from professionals who care
  • Assurance your loan will be serviced by the premier biweekly debiting service for the auto industry
  • Confidence in knowing that SmartNote continues to develop products to fit the industry's ever-changing needs

Let SmartNote give you a free loan analysis today.

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